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Of Lobsters and Men

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There comes a critical time in everyone’s life where everything that was right is now left, and everything that was up is now down. This precise moment in time is when you wake up from the slumber of your normal unconscious lives only to realize everything you once believed in, and everything you thought to be true, is challenged by the blossoming evolution of your conscious self.

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Practicing Gratitude and Living a Life of Abundance

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For what seemed like years (perhaps months…I’m being dramatic), I had been stuck in a funk, or a seemingly permanent low tide in life. It seemed as if whatever I wanted out of life was always out of reach. No matter how hard I tried to drive the life I so desperately wanted in the direction of my choice; I was always stuck in second gear, while fighting the acute pull to drive off the road from a blown-out tire. I was convinced the universe was somehow conspiring to punish me for some unimaginable deeds I had committed in a past life. I was convinced that I had somehow so egregiously offended the universe that, in a sick and tormented way, whatever powers governing the universe were teasing me with false hopes and oases that never seemed to come to …