Bonus Points and Self-Gratification

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I was in a store today that uses a bonus points system, which is essentially the same thing as credit card points, but in a more localized manner – and I realized that I never spend my bonus points on smaller items.

I always save my points to grab the biggest giveaway possible.

Like a kid in a carnival I save all my tickets for the big azz prize.   Those cool key-rings never catch my eye – only that marshmallow shooting gun in the upper right-hand corner with a light amount of dust collecting on it as nobody has claimed it in months.

Then I witnessed a lovely woman I’ve been seeing use her points immediately to get free items.

It was at this point that I decided there are two types of folks in life

1) Those that save everything for a grand finale, and

2) Those that spend what they have immediately on the first available option.

If the use of credit card or other bonus points is a reflective microcosm of our desire for gratification in life…are there those that pounce at every opportunity available life kicks them? Are there those that prefer a more delayed-gratification – while always keeping their thought on the future?

Which are you? And what does it mean in the overall picture of your life?

If you spend all your points right away, are you a bigger risk-taker, or are you more spontaneous? If you save your points – are you risk-averse or more willingly compliant?

Maybe I need to cash my points in a little more often…someone might beat me to that marshmallow gun.

Ahh the thoughts that pass through my mind during daily routine transactions!