You’re more than a star!

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In a world literally and figuratively brought together and connected by technology and the ensuing relationships made possible, your audience and voice can be as loud or soft as you want it to be.

In this post-industrial connection economy often talked about by Seth Godin (best selling author, marketing guru, and all around awesome guy), we find ourselves both instantly able to sell, buy, or inform more people than ever observed across the history of mankind.

What is that old adage again? Oh yes…the market is your oyster.

The expansion of our new human network, much like neurons in our brain, makes our world a living and breathing entity with almost anyone and everyone simultaneously capable of putting their talents or art on display for the critique and or sale to an entire world.

Which leads me to the question concerning both our world and our lives…

If our culture is filled and interconnected by more than 7 billion people, what can you honestly say that you are the best at doing?

If you’re an egomaniac, megalomaniac, or more unlikely an Olympian, you might believe yourself the best at something in particular, or almost everything, but reality is hardly subjective across a sample of > 7 billion people.

I’d be willing to bet that there is someone, somewhere, better than you – at what you do.

You may sell the most widgets in your tri-state territory, or you may lead ground-breaking research that results in leaps in technology that disrupt your industry, but there will always be someone better at what you do than yourself.

The only thing you are better at than everyone else in this highly connected world is being you.  Which of course, makes you kind of a big deal.

You are the best at being you, and as mathematicians have deduced and Mel Robbins points out in her wonderful TED talk aptly titled “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over”; there is only a 1:300 trillion chance that you exist.   You read that correctly – the mere fact that you are here and reading this article is 1 in 300 trillion.

So, if you spend time trying to make or sell the most widgets in the world and fail to find yourself in the process; you will ultimately fail to find the creative genius, the immeasurably talented, and the almost infinitesimally impossible, beautiful, experience that is you and your life.

If this happens you’ve not only missed the point of this whole ride called life, but have also deprived this world of a treasure so rare that you could survey all the stars in the known universe and still have a greater chance of finding two stars that are identical – than finding someone as unique and talented as yourself.

So spend some time in self-inquiry and find yourself, trust yourself, enjoy being yourself and realize that if you can do all of these things while somehow expressing yourself…You’ve won, and more than likely you’ll do more than just fine.  Who knows you just might be the best.