Generosity…Your Cup Runneth Over

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In Japan they have a custom referred to as sosogi-koboshi, which is simply pouring rice wine until the cup overflows into a saucer or traditional wooden box. Then quite ceremoniously, the guest whose saucer or wooden box is full passes the overflowed rice wine to the next guest.

The practice’s intended symbolism is that the original pourer respects you enough as a guest to provide for you more than necessary, and the corresponding pour to another guest is sharing your new found wealth and abundance with another person who you admire. There are little practices like this around the world…in India; at local pubs the leftover or spill is gathered at the end of the night for a special patron who is the nights guest of honor.

In the US…we’d consider it a barbaric challenge to drink the leftover out of the spill mat. This is just one example of how symbolisms are lost in translation.

I particularly like the gesture of sosogi-koboshi, and think it transcends just the imbibing of fermented rice. It assumes a world of abundance, free from scarcity – and a world where generosity by whatever means is a natural thing.

If you are able to see that you’ve been provided with everything you need in life, you see that anything that comes along in addition, is really nothing but generosity being thrown your way.

If you want to make the world you live in, and your loved one’s world better – allow your generosity to be given away freely without want in return. Believe me, it will come back many times over.  Generosity comes in so many forms – monetary aid being only one form.

Buying the person a meal behind you at a restaurant. Listening and providing counsel to a loved one, providing aid, which could be anything from jumping a strangers car to taking your girlfriends mouse traps out to helping out at homeless shelters, telling a hell of a joke, giving someone a genuine compliment, or just smiling and spreading your joy of life to others who just might need it at that time.

Over-pour your neighbors glass. This world is full of abundance, that’s never been an issue. The problem is that there is just not enough generosity making its way around.

Much love to you all…have one hell of a weekend and let your cup runneth over in abundance and make sure your loved one’s are full as well.