Shiny People and Relentless Positivity

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In my last post “Road Warriors and The Big Easy”, I briefly mentioned the many instances of shiny people we met on our way through the beautiful and warm city of Nawlin’s.

I feel the overwhelming need to further describe the birth and concept of shiny people in general…so I’ll try to make this as concise and deep as possible, while avoiding writing a novel (One, in which I am actually simultaneously writing at the moment). A taste if you will.

But first and foremost I must admit, I didn’t coin the term shiny people – I have only passively absorbed it from my dear friend Minnesota Nick, who happens to be one of the shiniest people I’ve met, and who I assume, given the nature of life, also picked it up from some another shiny person.

So who are these shiny people?

Shiny people grace your life on a daily basis, sometimes without your noticing it, but for the most part they impact your day for the better.

It could be just a smile and a wave on the street from a random stranger.

It could be a stranger holding the door for you as you leave the grocery store with 4 bags in your arms.

It could be a loved one who calls you at the precisely right time, when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up.

It could be the elderly black waitress at your favorite brunch place – who after meeting you and waiting on you, hugs you and makes you wish you could adopt her as a grandmother (shout out to Ms. Cheryl at the Corner Restaurant).

It could be the stranger that compliments you on some minute facet of your wardrobe, or appearance, that you put time and effort into designing, without the intent on picking you up or getting your number.

Only with the intentions to let you know you’re beautiful just the way you are, and that your efforts are noticed.

It could be the anonymous person who drops a note in front of you while sitting at the coffee shop, wishing you a beautiful day.

It could be the person who stops, while your car is broke down in the middle of a rainstorm just to help you out, as hundreds of cars roll by seemingly not noticing your problems.

It could be the person in front of you who stops at the stoplight, and hands a homeless woman a clementine and a bottle of water on a hot summer day, while some knucklehead behind you honks- all because he’s afraid of getting somewhere two minutes later.

We all know shiny people. Whether stranger or friend we look forward to meeting or seeing them everyday. They are the kind of people that make life worth living.

They are the living angels amongst us.

Shiny people embody the very essence of what it means to be human. They realize that connections and relationships are the only thing worth anything in this grand thing called life.

They’ve sifted through all the manufactured bullshit in society to make you feel inferior, and realize their true substance in life is to raise the human spirit to another level.

This world has gone mad with the rat race of egos trying to one up one another, trying to get ahead, and for what? Nothing of course.

Materialism, consumerism, focus on appearance, power, sex, drugs, relentless gamesmanship to move ahead in life means absolutely nothing in the end. It’s all part of the hedonic treadmill – you’ll gain shortly but will return to your baseline happiness level within a blink of an eye.

In the end, as John Ortberg once said, “Once the game is over all the pieces of the game go back in the box”.

As if the pieces even mattered at all.

Now, you may say “Well that’s nearly a nihilistic approach to life!”, but I would retort, “THE very embodiment of empathy for your fellow human; that love, understanding, listening, and caring – are in direct juxtaposition to that of a nihilist approach”.

Shiny people realize this; they really care for others, they open themselves up to the world. You can see them for who they truly are, the masks of insecurity and bravado are lifted, and all their warts are open to love and adore.

You see…nobody in this world will ever be perfect, so there’s absolutely no reason to hide yourself.

Open yourself up, realize that everyone in this world goes through pain, joy, love, and feelings of ecstasy. Realize that you can be shiny as well. Bring your light into the world and let’s make it glow, one soul at a time.

So you ask – “How do I become a shiny person?”

The simplest answer is to be yourself, be vulnerable, be open, be kind, smile, and practice a mindset of relentless positivity.

People respond to positivity as much as they respond to negativity. I would actually argue they respond to positivity more as it is not nearly as prevalent in this world.

WHEN you bring positivity into someone’s day you jolt them, you shock them briefly. They awaken and realize something…something that feels good but they cannot fully explain.

It’s the non-mind, heart-to-heart connection they’ve missed for so many seconds, hours, days, or even years.

The simple fact is that not all of the people in the world are shiny, they haven’t awaken to realize their humanity and full potential.

It’s not their fault. If you’re a shiny one, you’ll realize this as you’ll feel compassion when confronted rather than anger or fear.

You’ll feel empathy when yelled at, sure at first you’ll take offense – but then you’ll find yourself thinking, “Perhaps this person’s family member is ill and on his/her deathbed, or perhaps they were unjustly treated recently, or perhaps they’ve only known mistreatment their entire life.”

You’ll see through the mask of bravado and shame and you’ll know they’re human as well.

There will be a day, and it’s coming soon, when humanity rises beyond the frivolity of shallow ego driven lives. It is currently propped up by society to make you spend your savings on things you’ll never really need and will only enjoy briefly.

You see…if all the world were shiny and deeper human connection were made, there’d be no reason for wars, less reason to buy unnecessary materials, and more reason to spend time together enjoying each others company.

There would be more reason to enjoy life.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing so many shiny people, from family to friends to strangers I’ve met only briefly.

Every one of them a living angel.

Every relationship I’ve had with shiny people has opened my eyes to a new a beautiful world. I now see through these relationships by example that the world and universe is ours to construct as we see fit, and every situation is ours to frame as we please. The only thing keeping us from shining is ourselves. Much love to you all!

As the great band Pink Floyd said – Shine on you crazy diamond!