Chasing Pesto…

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Chasing Pesto…

Given the statistical likelihood of myself ever having an inaugural post on another blog within my lifetime, I’d like to lead this blog by starting with an explanation of the blog name. Chasing Pesto.

No, this blog isn’t about food.

I’m not much of a foodie. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy food immensely, but I would never consider my tastes high-minded with regards to the world of fine cuisine. I’m as likely as the next guy to go eat a fine steak dinner during the weekend only to follow it with a week of meals containing a combination of breakfast cereals, boxed pastas, processed meats and cheeses. Not at the same time of course – I’m not an animal.

This blog is about life. My life, your life, and everyone else’s life. It’s about the human experience we all share; from the mundane and trivial to the grand and momentous. This blog is for me, as it allows me an outlet for all my musings, and this blog is for you, as it may from time to time provoke some thought. Most of all, this blog is about human connection and reframing life’s experiences to create the most amazing life we can achieve.

Back to the name…ever have that moment in your life when you experience something for the 987th time and all of a sudden it’s different? Dare I say better?

I had that moment a few weeks ago while eating a delicious sandwich slathered in pesto. Until that point, I hadn’t given two thoughts towards forming an opinion on pesto. At that point, pesto was suddenly a magical, delicious sandwich spread I could never again live without. What changed? Certainly not the pesto.

The newfound joy surrounding pesto and its mystical capacities came from a combination of changes in the external situation (I was in the midst of a certain week-long, effigy burning, arts festival in the northern Nevada desert, surrounded by friends), along with changes in internal perception (Quit yer giggling, I wasn’t on any mind altering drugs…at the time).

Over the last 6 months or so I had dropped a hell of a lot of emotional baggage and worked through an amazing amount of personal issues on my way to self-awareness.  I was tabula rasa incarnate and I was open to both new experiences and reframing the old.

I realized that my experience with the pesto sandwich was nothing more than a microcosm of life, and given the right mindset anything in life is possible. Instead of endlessly searching for new experiences to make our existence better, why not try redefining what we’ve got?

I’ve been journaling about personal experiences, thoughts, and comical musings for some time now. Through this journaling I’ve learned a lot about myself and have realized some of the greatest things in life fly by us without much attention given.

Many of the experiences I’ll be covering in this blog include (but are not limited to):

  • First world, tall guy problems.

Yep, I’m part of the one percent…well, probably part of the 0.1%, meaning I’m taller than 99.9% of men out there. Something to be proud of I know…I totally planned it that way. Anyways, there are lots of things us 0.1%ers can commiserate about that most of you normies just can’t understand. Things like: Why aren’t these shirt-sleeves longer? Why don’t they just call Big and Tall stores what they really are? Ouch my head, and the advantages of being tall for the balding man. Experiencing concerts from afar, and why I hate my girlfriend’s clown car.

  • Being an introvert in an extravert’s world, being an extravert in the world of science.

I’m a scientist…yes a real scientist, just like the ones you see on TV. The only difference is they don’t show the scientists on TV being chained to the bench and forced to work for free pizza and unlimited amounts of coffee. I also happen to be a social scientist…not the kind that studies societal patterns, but the kind that likes to hang out with other humans and do things like talk and perhaps drink the occasional beer. Jumping from the role of social guy in the science world, to the guy with learned social anxiety in the real world can be tricky and a little hilarious at times. Good times for all, awkward laughs for me occasionally.

  • Random scientific and political phenomena I find interesting.

Don’t worry I won’t make it too heavy. Just because I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology doesn’t mean I ramble on nonsensically forever. Chimpanzees, bonobos, liberals, and conservatives…find out what these species have in common after the break.

  • Why having a dog is the greatest gift and biggest pain in the ass at the same time.

I love my dog…most of the time. He’s super smart (sometimes to my detriment) and he loves me more than anything in the world (well besides food of course). But, he’s ornery and neurotic to the point that I’m sure I could get a major motion picture deal from the accounts of his shenanigans. Seriously, I’ve thought about writing children’s books about him. Some of the titles include “Watson gets a job at the movie theatre”, “Watson goes to the baseball game”, and “Watson finds work with local paper shredding company”. Needless to say most of the stories include him destroying things. WDE.

  • Personal development for the average human.

I’ve been on this personal development quest for the last few years and I’ve learned a little on the way.   After buying probably 40 books and participating in several rounds with life coaches and therapists…I might be past this mid-life (quarter-life?) existential crisis. Most of the crap in 40 of those books could be summed up in 5 pages. I plan on throwing a few nuggets of wisdom out there for the ether to absorb. Are you struggling with your purpose in life? Personal relationships? Have a paralyzing fear of cats and yogurt? Yeah, well so does everyone else…so don’t beat yourself up over it.

Catch ya on the flipside folks…I’ve got to get back to the lab bench before they’ve noticed I’m missing. I certainly don’t want them to take away my free pizza.